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Where we just rant on about underwear in general with useful info to take away with use; we'll advice you on anything from boy shorts and thongs, to cheekies and bikinis.

Published 25 April January 2020

Benefits of g-strings

The benefits to wearing g-strings over thongs is the lack of material; less fabric can only mean less trouble with VPL or bunching up.

Published 2nd January 2020

How many bras should I own

How many bra's you should own would be one for everyday of the week; or up to ten bras so you can guarantee avoid doing laundry too early.

Published 2nd January 2020

What kind of panties should I wear

Pick out panties according to the outfit you wish to wear; where a thong helps avoid VPL, big ol' granny panties are worn more often regardless.

Published 1st January 2020

Are cheeksters supposed to ride up

Cheeksters are supposed to ride up but only in a way that reveals a little bum cheek, not so much they could be mistaken for thongs or similar.

Published 1st January 2020

Are g-strings comfortable

G-strings can be very comfortable to wear if you make use of quality styles; so if its uncomfortable then you need to wear other designs.

Published 23rd December 2019

Popular knicker shops in UK

Popular knicker shops are Topshop to New Look, to M&S and Debehams; all shops sell millions of knickers who attract different age groups.

Published 23rd December 2019

Types of Knicker styles guide

Our types of knicker styles guide includes pictures to help you know what they are and what use you get out of them, including comfort levels.

Published 23rd December 2019

What age to wear a thong

When a girl is reaching her teens, that is a good time to wear thongs; only for the issue of avoiding VPL or conceding to peer pressure.

Published 23rd December 2019

What is a lace thong

Lace thongs are not all lace so relies on selected areas only; waistband is stretch cotton and so is the rear strap, but less so the crotch.

Published 23rd December 2019

How to fill a bra that's too big

In order to fill a bra cup that's too big would require the use of breast enlargement pads, folded socks or tissue, or cut a bra in two cups.