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Where we just rant on about underwear in general with useful info to take away with use; we'll advice you on anything from boy shorts and thongs, to cheekies and bikinis.

Published 16th October 2020

Is it OK to wear thongs everyday

Its OK to wear thongs everyday if you can maintain a healthy toilet habit; then its a matter of overcoming issues to wear thongs with confidence.

Published 15th October 2020

Do thongs hurt

Thongs do hurt if its the wrong fit or there's little to no stretch; solution to that is a stretchy, light and extra soft cotton thong in a full bodied design.

Published 15th October 2020

Are thongs better than underwear

Its all a matter of preference, but as a whole a thong is better than fuller underwear as the thong style causes less issues while being more comfortable.

Published 13th October 2020

What to wear under a sheer white dress

You must wear a skin tone thong or bra under a white dress that is sheer; style the dress with a bodysuit if you fail to keep underwear discreet.

Published 13th October 2020

Should you wear a thong with leggings

Have no doubt in your mind with panties being seen, by relying on a thong to keep it discreet as possible, but only make it No Show in skin tone.

Published 12th October 2020

What's the point of thongs

The whole point of wearing thongs is to avoid VPL at first; to keep underwear discreet under see-through fabric; but more importantly, comfort.

Published 8th October 2020

How are thongs supposed to fit

To put on a thong then completely forget about would be the ideal scenario of wearing a thong, but issues can occur that need to be dealt with.

Published 8th October 2020

Best thong material

Thongs made in 100% cotton are the best material to wear; it must have a cotton gusset with little or no other type of fabric used in the trim or decoration.

Published 6th October 2020

Getting used to thongs

Its possible to get used too thongs less than a week; in that time wear tight fitted pants or jeans to support the rear to avoid a naked feeling.

Published 6th October 2020

What's it like to wear a thong

What it really feels like to wear a thong is nothing, barely noticeable as the fabric in the rear that causes common issue, as now been removed.