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50 Shades Of Grey Knickers

Well mostly associated with sports and gym, plain grey knickers go well with sports wear and look the part under yoga pants and shorts.

But as they are so basic, they are commonly used as a go to colour for all ages, used for school and college.

So, to celebrate this fine colour in all it dullness, we've compiled a top 50 list of possibly all the sports grey knickers you can buy, all for sale in the UK.

Well the list dominates good old bikini styles, there are also thongs, g-strings and short styles.

Bare in mind, we have only listed sports knickers in singles (mostly) here, there are more options for buying grey knickers in pairs and multi packs - in various styles.

Also, consider buying matching grey sports bra and knickers sets for working out.

As you would expect with sport brand names, topping the sports knickers below are; Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Diesel and now entering the frey - Triumph.

Here's our top 50 list of women's sports grey knickers in all styles and designs.

1. Calvin Klein: Cotton Stretch Cheekini

Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Cheekini, Grey
Cheekini, but in normal bikini style stretch cotton grey knickers with a white waist band with CK's popular logo embroiled.

Buy it from: Amazon

2. Calvin Klein F3788E: Boy Shorts

Calvin Klein Boy Shorts, Grey

Calvin Klein women's modern 53% cotton boy short, made from a soft superior quality cotton blend for streamline fit.

They have seamless sides for extra comfort with a wide band that should help towards eliminating visible panty lines.

Well made from 53% cotton, the comfortable gusset is 100% cotton and should absorn moisture well working out.

Full coverage guaranteed in the front, with absolute full coverage in the rear, no forced wedges, and should stay and not move around.

Buy it from: Amazon

3. Calvin Klein F3786E: Thong

Calvin Klein: Thong, Grey

Extra soft women's cotton thong in a sporty design, with the CK logo across the waistband.

Being a thong design should help you avoid VPL under leggings with ease, this is also helped with thin seams.

This sport thong has a thick waistband, this means under tight fitted workout wear you won't see a waistband digging into your hips - in theory.

Buy it from: Amazon

4. Calvin Klein F3788Y: Boyshorts

Calvin Klein Boyshorts, Grey

Stylish and comfortable stretch cotton women's knickers in a boy short shape, low-rise with the Calvin Klein logo branded elasticised waistband

This luxurious sculpting fabric boy short has a little stretch, which is vital for comfort and exercising, plus super flattering.

Super soft and comfortable material underwear that can be worn under all sorts of leggings and yoga pants.

Thanks to their full coverage, you can use these knickers for wearing to bed or lounging around.

Buy it from: Amazon

5. Calvin Klein: Tanga

Calvin Klein Tanga, Grey

Sport knickers in a tanga brief style, with a CK logo waistband connecting the front and back. Made from 92% stretch cotton fabric for maximum comfort.

Well it may look like a thong from the front - and the term tanga - can refer to thong style underwear in South America, this is a full coverage rear set.

Coverage is very good in the front well the rear gives the look of a regular full brief panty.

Tanga design refers to the waistband - thick but thin stringy straps are common - wrap around the waist, connecting the front and back cotton panel.

Buy it from: Amazon

6. Calvin Klein QF1368: Cotton Thong

Calvin Klein Cotton Thong, Grey

Good as it gets Calvin Klein Jersey thong with a wide, logo-printed waistband, lined gusset and plenty of coverage in the front.

Ideal for sports and gym and will go towards eliminating VPL in sportswear like leggings and yoga pants.

From the front you may be mistaken thinking this is brief style knickers, but it moves into a thong shape well providing plenty over material above the thong shape.

And when you include the thick waistband the design becomes quite a moderate thong style and remains in place on the hips.

Buy it from: Amazon

7. Calvin Klein QF1760: Tanga Bikini

Calvin Klein Tanga Bikini, Grey

Jersey Calvin Klein tanga briefs with a wide, logo-print waistband. Designed with only the waistband connecting the front and cheeky back side.

Well made from 92% Cotton, 8% Elastane, this tanga style knicker has full coverage on the front, well the material on the rear is not a thong, but can be quite cheeky.

Any movement over a period of time, and this will become a thong-like brief as the cotton begins to ride up - but because of the style it still is comfortable.

Buy it from: Amazon

8. Calvin Klein QF1369: Cotton Bikini

Calvin Klein Cotton Bikini, Grey

Contrast logo elastic trims these Calvin Klein bikini briefs with lined gusset and full bottom coverage around the back.

Will suite those who prefer full coverage but still need a nice style.

As far as a good pair of knickers come, you'll get all that with this pair of CK's, but in a sport design, light grey cotton and a wide waistband which is comfortable when working out.

Now, if you need to eliminate VLP at the gym or under a tight pair of trousers, then the thin and light material should help prevent this a little.

Buy it from: Amazon

9. Calvin Klein QF1569: Logo Bikini

Calvin Klein QF1569 Logo Bikini, Grey

Calvin Klein bikini style knickers with lined gusset and a logo band trims. To eliminate VPL, they are made seamless to help avoid lines showing up in leggings and shorts.

But as you may already know, full brief style knickers of any design could still show up visible panty lines, so be aware.

This is a big pair of knickers in terms of material used, but is highly sporty and looks great with gym wear.

The waistband is elasticated and very comfortable.

Buy it from: Amazon

10. Calvin Klein F3787E: Bikini Boxer Brief

Calvin Klein Bikini Boxer Brief, Grey

Lounge in these super soft Calvin Klein logo brief pants, with a slight cheeky style in the lower rear end.

And elasticated logo band and comfort sewn seams should make this an ideal pair of knickers for wearing around the house or working out.

This are made from 53% cotton, 35% modal and 12% elastane.

You may notice from the product image, the seams do appear to be fairly thick, and well they are advertised as sewn seems, they do stick out so may show lines.

Generally a safe pair of knickers if a little cheeky style is needed, as this does go towards avoiding irritating wedges.

Buy it from: Amazon

11. Calvin Klein: Radiant Thong

Calvin Klein Radiant Thong, Grey

Stylish Calvin Klein women's sport thong in a radiant grey displaying the CK signature logo waistband.

Comfortable as they get stretch cotton thong in a a low rise design, well they will help avoid VLP in all outfits, you can wear this pair with smart trousers and jeans.

The cotton front and rear is highly stretching, and well the waistband is made in a thicker material, it will remain in place on the hips.

Buy it from: Amazon

12. Calvin Klein QF1339: Magnetic Logo Hipsters

Calvin Klein  Magnetic Logo Hipsters, Grey

Genuine Calvin Klein hipster style knickers in silver, grey and black with the Calvin Klein logo branded waistband.

Not your average cotton hipster mind you, it's actually made from 39% Polyamide, 39% Polyester and 22% Elastane.

This is a low rise hipster brief, with a soft luxurious sculpting fabric that forms around your hips and backside.

As this is a hipster style with a thin material, you should avoid VLP in this pair as the lines are under the hip bone and bottom.

Buy it from: Amazon

13. Calvin Klein: Cotton Stretch Boy Short

Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Boy Short, Grey

Comfortable CK 92% Cotton, 8% Elastane stretchy shorty styles knickers with plenty of coverage but a little cheeky around the back.

When first worn, the cheeky style is not there, but with a little movement it does move towards between the cheeks a little.

But because there's little material their already, this is not you usual wedgy but is intended for that purpose.

Lovely pair of short style knickers for use in bed or lounging around.

Buy it from: Amazon

14. Calvin Klein QF1761: Trunks

Calvin Klein Trunks, Grey

Jersey Calvin Klein trunks, boxer style women's knickers with a logo-print elastic waistband and faux fly/pouch.

They are made from a comfortable cotton and elastane blend.

Great for bed or lounging around the house, but for fitted, formal clothing you'll have heck of a time avoiding panty lines.

Designed like men's style trunks, ideally suited to jeans and material that won't show up panty lines.

Perfect for wearing under short jean or flowy skirts and dresses to avoid accidents.

Buy it from: Amazon

15. Calvin Klein F3786: Modern Thong

Calvin Klein Modern Thong, Grey

A comfortable thong in soft jersey with an elastic waistband with CK logo lettering and a lined gusset.

Pair up this grey thong with the matching sports bra to make a set, but made to be worn with all sports wears.

The thong provides fantastic coverage in the front, well the rear is shaped to avoid 'visible thong lines' as appose to panty lines.

This thick waistband is designed to stay in place, but this extra material makes this pair of thongs not so skimpy, but practical for every day wear.

Buy it from: Amazon

16. Calvin Klein QF1570: Hipster Panties

Calvin Klein Hipster Panties, Grey

Seamless Calvin Klein hipster style knickers with a lined gusset and full coverage in the front and rear.

These hipster knickers will give a seamless appearance under clothes, designed to fit your form and not stand out under fitted clothing.

They're made from 85% Nylon, 12% Spandex, and 3% Polyester.

Extremely comfortable knickers for use when working out or just hanging out.

Buy it from: Amazon

17. Calvin Klein F3787Y: Bikini

Calvin Klein Bikini, Grey

Women's Calvin Klein grey bikini shaped knickers in low-rise style with a white CK logo branded elasticated waistband.

Luxurious sculpting fabric with a little stretch so perfect for exercising and lounging around, super flattering on the body.

Thanks to its super soft and comfortable material, you'll forget you're wearing them.

The waistband is thick and remains in place as you move around.

Buy it from: Amazon

18. Tommy Hilfiger 1387903492: Marion Basic Boy Short

Tommy Hilfiger Marion Basic Boy Short, Grey

Grey knickers for sports or thanks to the light lacey trim, use for everyday wear.

Genuine Tommy Hilfiger women's boy shorts made in 90% Cotton, 10% Lycra.

Buy it from: Amazon

19. Tommy Hilfiger 1387905873: Bold Shorty Brief

Tommy Hilfiger Bold Shorty Brief, Grey

Bold grey shorty style knickers with full coverage and complete comfort.

Rear coverage and gusset is wide, so you should avoid wedgies when working out or simply moving around.

Buy it from: Amazon

20. Tommy Hilfiger 1387905872: Bold Thong String

Tommy Hilfiger Bold Thong String, Grey

Comfortable sporty bold grey thong in a soft cotton blend for a close fit, with Tommy Hilfiger signature logo broad elasticated waistband.

Made from 90% Cotton, 10% Elastane.

Buy it from: Amazon

21. Tommy Hilfiger 1387905874: Bold Bikini

Tommy Hilfiger Bold Bikini, Grey

Tommy Hilfiger women's cotton bikini style knickers, made from a soft cotton blend with full rear coverage with iconic design.

Made in 90% Cotton, 10% Elastane.

Buy it from: Amazon

22. Tommy Hilfiger 1387906069: Thong String

Tommy Hilfiger Thong String, Grey

Perfect sport grey thong knickers with a white, Tommy Hilfiger signature logo waistband, a comfortable cotton blend with a cotton gusset too.

Made in 90% Cotton, 10% Elastane.

Buy it from: Amazon

23. Tommy Hilfiger 1387904877: Iconic Shorty Hipster

Tommy Hilfiger  Iconic Shorty Hipster, Grey

Full coverage short hipster knickers made in a soft cotton and elastane brand so you stay comfortable all day long.

Features TH signature waistband and well made with full coverage, they can be a little cheeky.

Buy it from: Amazon

24. Tommy Hilfiger 1387903491: Marion Basic Bikini

Tommy Hilfiger Marion Basic Bikini, Grey

Thanks to it's soft cotton with lacey trim, these basic bikini knickers are ideal for both every day wear and working out at the gym, well providing ultimate coverage in the back and front.

Buy it from: Amazon

25. Tommy Hilfiger 1387903616: Marion Basic Thong

Tommy Hilfiger Marion Basic Thong, Grey

Same as above, but Tommy Hilfiger basic thong style with soft cotton lacey trim that can be worn all day and working out at the gym.

Buy it from: Amazon

26. Tommy Hilfiger 1387904875: Cotton Iconic Bikini

Tommy Hilfiger Cotton Iconic Bikini, Grey

Every day women's cotton bikini briefs, made with a soft 90% cotton and 10% elastane blend, with a cotton gusset for extra comfort.

As usual it boosts a signature waistband in white with dark lettering.

Buy it from: Amazon

27. DKNY: Classic Cotton Thong

DKNY Classic Cotton Thong, Grey

As comfortable as it gets classic, ultra fine cotton thong for every day wear. Light-weigh, wide elastic waistband with logo to prevent bulging.

Made in 49% Cotton, 37% Nylon, 14% Spandex.

Buy it from: Amazon

28. DKNY: Energy Seamless Boyshort Panty

DKNY Energy Seamless Boyshort Panty, Grey

Seamless boy short, boxer style knickers featuring sporty stripes and the famous DKNY logo on the front left waist.

Also in solid colours with repeating logo around waist. Sewn-in lined crotch for comfort.

Buy it from: Amazon

29. DKNY: Energy Seamless Bikini

DKNY Energy Seamless Bikini, Grey

Made in stretch micro fibre, these seamless bikini knickers are both soft and comfortable, and are practical for every day use, including sports with a low rise style in full coverage.

Buy it from: Figleaves

30. DKNY: Classic Seamless Bikini

DKNY Classic Seamless Bikini, Grey

DKNY stretch micro fibre seamless bikini style knickers with a soft and comfortable design.

Full rear coverage that should make these knickers good for all day use.

Made in 93% Nylon, 7% Elastane.

Buy it from: Figleaves

31. Diesel: OXI Cotton Boyshort

Diesel OXI Cotton Boyshort, Grey

Super trendy Diesel women's cotton boyshort in grey, with an elasticated logo waistband in a soft cotton fabric, designed for ultimate comfort.

Underwear made in 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane.

Buy it from: Amazon

32. Diesel: EBBYS Cotton Tanga Brief

Diesel EBBYS Cotton Tanga Brief, Grey

Grey in the front, white in the back tanga style briefs, made to form with the shape of your rear.

Coverage in the front with mesh see through rear with stretch cotton and made in 94% Cotton, 6% Elastane.

Buy it from: Amazon

33. Diesel: OXI Cotton Boyshort

Diesel OXI Cotton Boyshort, Grey

Beautiful grey boyshorts with a contrasting pink Diesel elasticated logo waistband, in stretch cotton with a comfy fit.

Made in 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane.

Buy it from: Amazon

34. Diesel: OXI Brief Slip

Diesel OXI Brief Slip

Diesel women's brief slips in a light grey, white trim and a purple elasticated waist band. Made from 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane - so is comfortable for every day wear.

Buy it from: Amazon

35. Diesel: EBBYS Cotton Tanga Brief

Diesel: EBBYS Cotton Tanga Brief, Grey

All the coverage you need around the back, and all the style you can handle with these trendy Diesel cotton tanga style briefs, with a wide logo waistband with green lettering.

Buy it from: Amazon

36. Triumph 1ML75: Just Body Make-Up Hipster

Triumph Just Body Make-Up Hipster, Grey

Beautiful pair of Triumph make up hipster knickers, in full coverage and seamless design.

Ideal for gym and every day use when the lines of your knickers are a concern, these will eliminate VPL with ease.

Buy it from: Amazon

37. Triumph 1QL65: Sporty Micro Hipsters

Triumph Sporty Micro Hipsters, Grey

Sport micro fibre hipsters in grey, with full coverage in the front and a little cheeky in the rear.

Seamless design will hide VPL well used for out and about.

Buy it from: Amazon

38. Triumph: Body Make-up Essent Hip Hipsters

Triumph Body Make-up Essent Hip Hipsters, Grey

Soft, smooth hipster style grey knickers with a seamless feel to keep panty lines at bay.

Full coverage design for extra comfort all day long.

Buy it from: Amazon

39. Triumph 1PW41: Body Make-up Essent Tai String

Triumph Body Make-up Essent Tai String, Grey

Full coverage knickers with no chance of wedgies or awkwardness, helped with a seamless design.

Made from 79% Polyamide, 21% Elastane.

Buy it from: Amazon

40. Triumph 1MD10: Colour Rocks Thong

Triumph Colour Rocks Thong, Grey

Trendy thong that is not only timeless, beloved cut, but can be mixed and matched with a series of sport bras.

Seamless design with stripe around waistband.

Buy it from: Amazon

41. Triumph 1QL64: Sporty Micro Braz String

Triumph: Sporty Micro Braz String, Grey

Appear like full coverage from the front, but very cheeky, brazilian style sporty grey knickers in the back.

Made in microfibre for every day comfort.

Buy it from: Amazon

42. IRIS & LILLY BELK020A: 2-Pack Sporty Cotton Tanga Briefs

IRIS & LILLY  2-Pack Sporty Cotton Tanga Briefs, Grey

Pack of two, Iris & Lilly tanga style briefs that give you a smooth silhouette, thanks to their high leg cut and minimal fabric at the hips.

This athletic style comes in a pack of two and has a sporty striped waistband.

Buy it from: Amazon

43. IRIS & LILLY BELK020B: Sporty Cotton Garter Bikini 2-Pack

IRIS & LILLY Sporty Cotton Garter Bikini 2-Pack, Grey

Keep your underwear stylish with this garter bikini knickers in 2-pack, made from soft cotton.

Wear under tight-cut clothing to guarantee a great silhouette and extra comfort.

Buy it from: Amazon

44. IRIS & LILLY BELK031B: 2-Pack Sporty Cotton Hipster Briefs

IRIS & LILLY  2-Pack Sporty Cotton Hipster Briefs, Grey

For days when delicate lingerie just won't do, this pack of two hipster briefs add a cool sporty style to your underwear options.

They have a comfy low-rise fit and striped athletic look waistband.

Buy it from: Amazon

45. IRIS & LILLY BELK021A: 2-Pack Sporty Cotton Thongs

IRIS & LILLY  2-Pack Sporty Cotton Thongs, Grey

Cut in a sporty high-leg thong shape, this pack of two thongs have a fitted striped waistband for an athletic finish.

The perfect base for giving you a smooth shape through the hips and back.

Buy it from: Amazon

46. IRIS & LILLY BLIC2004: Women's Body Smooth Bikini Brief

IRIS & LILLY BLIC2004 Body Smooth Bikini Brief, Grey

This brief is designed to go unnoticed without sacrificing comfort. The low waist and high leg cut are cut from smooth fabric, keeping it hidden under those skimpy jeans.

Buy it from: Amazon

47. IRIS & LILLY BELK031A: 2-Pack Sporty Cotton Hipster Briefs

IRIS & LILLY 2-Pack Sporty Cotton Hipster Briefs, Grey

Pack of two hipster briefs add a cool sporty style to your underwear drawer.

They have a comfy low-rise fit and striped athletic waistband.

Buy it from: Amazon

48. IRIS & LILLY BELK021B: 2-Pack Sporty Cotton Thongs

IRIS & LILLY 2-Pack Sporty Cotton Thongs, Grey

Sporty high-leg style, pack of two thongs with a striped waistband for an athletic finish. Provides smooth shape through the hips and back.

Comes in a pack of two identical sport cotton thongs, with a double blue thick waistband in a high cut design.

An high cut design in a pair of thongs is the course of visible thongs above jeans and skirts.

But a high leg pair of thongs for use under leggings and yogo pants actually help towards eliminating panty lines further, avoiding the shape of the whole thong being visible from behind.

Buy it from: Amazon

49. IRIS & LILLY BLIA002: Amazing Bikini Briefs

IRIS & LILLY Amazing Bikini Briefs, Grey

Designed for an impossibly smooth fit, these second-skin briefs have a classic bikini cut shape and offer the perfect base for close fitting clothing.

Brief style means absolute comfort, but out in public in regular wear or in the gym in sports wear, your VLP may show up.

But thanks to the material leaving a smooth look and feel, visible knicker lines may not show up after all.

If you like this pair but need it in a thong style, read a head with the pair below.

Buy it from: Amazon

50. IRIS & LILLY BLIA003: Amazing Thong

IRIS & LILLY Amazing Thong, Grey

This thong makes a great everyday staple, looks and feels like everyday use pair of thongs with a glossy thong material.

The soft stretch material is cut to ensure minimal VPL and maximum comfort when worn under slinky dresses and tight-fitted trousers and leggings.

With the appearance of a moderate pair of briefs from the front, the thong style from the rear blends in beautifully and make a comfortable pair of thongs.

Buy it from: Amazon

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