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Well underwear can cause health issues; it relies more on personal hygiene most, but we do hope to advice you on a clean bit of health, well dealing with your period.

Published 2 June 2020

How to wear a thong with discharge

To stop discharge ruining your thong you'd need to wear a pad or alternatively fold up a piece of paper towel or napkin into your underwear.

Published 23rd December 2019

Are thongs bad for you

Thongs can be bad for you if you have poor personal hygiene; so clean yourself up well after toilet use to avoid poo spreading on the crotch.

Published May 23rd 2019

How to wear a thong on your period

If you're a tampon wearer then its possible to wear a thong on your period every time, but wearers of sanitary pads should try a thong liner.

Published April 11th 2012

How to keep underwear clean

Keeping your knickers clean is a must, so take precautions when going to the loo by wiping thoroughly and using wet wipes for hygiene.

Published April 11th 2012

Do thongs cause yeast infections

Thongs can contribute to yeast infections for sure, but it all comes down to personal hygiene that stops bacteria entering the vagina area.