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Inspecting bra out of underwear drawer

How many bras should I own

In an effort to avoid coming up short in the underwear drawer, you should own enough bra's to tied you over for the whole week.

How many bra's a women should own would be a grand total of seven; or ten or more to make sure you have a backup. Seven bra's will see that you are sorted for the week, whereas ten bra's will for sure avoid unwanted laundry days. Seven to ten bra's include regular, all purpose bra's only.

Depending on your needs for casual everyday wear or if your job you have to dress up, just make sure the style of bra to wear is available for everyday of the week.

So make sure you're stocked up on seven bra's so you're covered through the weekday or over the weekend.

However, when a women own's too few bra's, this risks unexpected, more trouble than not laundry days - so you'll have to catch up on the washing.

To avoid that the seven bras for everyday of the week rule will make sure the work or school week is completely covered.

For unforeseen issues in regards to a bra getting stained, wet or circumstances where the bra goes in the wash, you'll need extra bra's to back you up.

With that in mind, our recommended number of how many bras should you own would be a grand total of ten, or a little more if need be.

Issues with too few bra's

Trouble with owning to few bra's is the problem with lack of ones to wear, thus you'll always have to wash them two or three times a week.

Issues with owning too few bra's will result in you continuing to wash them more times than you need.

The result is wear and tear on your cheaper bra's to your most luxurious items.

That can only mean the bra won't last as long as it was intended, due to issues with curling and frailing on the seams.

This is due to constant circles in the washing machine before they're thrown in the dryer, which is never good for any piece of clothing.

Bra's do tend to be quite fragile in the washing machine and more so in the dryer, where you'll benefit more by drying your bra's on the airer, washing line or radiator.

But who really has time to do all that when you need it now, not later.

One for everyday of the week

So instead of risking damaging your bra's too often you'd want to make sure you have a bra for every day of the week.

As there's seven days in the week, why not make sure you have up to seven bra's ready to be worn each and every day.

That way you can be sure a bra is available everyday without fear of lack of bra's.

Same goes for panties or knickers, socks or even t-shirts; if there's one for every day of the week, there's no going short towards the end of the week.

Benefits to stocking up on seven bra's is that your laundry will only come once a week, that is if you sync bra numbers with the rest of your underwear.

So no more two or three washes in a week, so therefore there's a little less damage done to your bra's.

Make it TEN to tied you over

Talking of owning as many as seven bra's might seem too little for some women, well others will believe its far to many to own.

Well, think about it, as seven bra's take you over the finish line for the end of the week, a few more bra's can only be good as a backup.

So if you own ten bra's well wearing one for everyday of the week; you'll end up with only three bra's left.

Where the three bra's come in handy is for unforeseen circumstances.

For example, and let's be honest, dropping food down your top well staining the bra, or a bra that needs changing if getting wet from working out.

Make it ten bra's instead of the seven so you can guarantee you are sure to have as many bra's as needed to avoid unnecessary laundry days.

Bra to wear with certain tops

Its all well and good recommending seven to ten bra's to own, but that shouldn't include all types of bra's, worn for certain outfits.

The seven to ten bra's should cover your outfits to be worn most often throughout the week.

So you're very unlikely to dress up midweek in a low cleavage dress or need a strapless bra for a strapless dress.

So what you will need more often than not is a basic yet reliable t-shirt bra to be worn with everyday clothing, or what you'll be wearing to work or school.

With that in mind you'd want to not include the fancy bra's, so instead only include bra's that can be worn everyday of the week.

That goes for all bonus bra's incase they really are needed; as you don't want to run out of bra's to only then rely on a strapless bra you have to keep adjusting through the day.


How many bra's you should own will need to tie you over as long as you want to avoid doing the laundry.

We would recommend you leave the laundry - well your own that is - to once a week, so therefore you'd want enough bra's to last the whole week.

Therefore, you should own atleast seven bra's to last you from Monday through Sunday.

Don't include bra's for special outfits or occasions, seven bra's should only include a comfortable t-shirt bra, or a bra style that is suited for most outfits.

Saying that, you might be cutting it fine with seven bra's as things go wrong, so we really would recommend you notch it up to ten bra's you should own.

For reasons that might mark or force you to throw the bra in the wash, you'll be using up a bra you had hallmarked for everyday of the week, thus you'll come up short by the weekend.

With that in mind, stock up on atleast ten basic bra's for everyday of the week, including spares for when they will be needed.

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