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Women pulling out her too big bra strap from under white jumper

How to tell if a bra is too big

Its quite easy to tell if a bra is to big overall with how it fits around the chest, so if its too big then its going to drop or fit loosely.

How you tell if your bra is too big is in the fit around the chest. Too big then the bra band will be to loose, resulting in it not fitting snuggly against the body. To long bra straps is a major tell as there will be no support in the bra cup, so no cupping the boobs.

To know if your bra is too big is all in the how it fits around the chest; if its too big the bra will curl or slide, rather than fit snug as it should.

The bra band should be elasticated so should help with the fit, so if the bra fits around the chest still that might be a false fit.

So therefore, you need to figure it out another way. So to do that make sure you make movements as you would going about a normal day.

Raise your arms up or lean or move your arms around as you do; this could lead to your boobs spilling out of the cups or the bra dislodging into an uncomfortable position.

If that happens, that means the bra moved as you did, so therefore its not a bra that is fitting as it should, so its probably too big.

Boobs swimming in bra cup

One noticeable thing to know if your is too big is in an area that matters most, that would be the bra cup.

Well wearing your bra, does it feel if your boobs are simply too small for the large bra cup, so therefore they feel as if they're swimming - or to put it another way...

Not filling up the bra cup as they should, if yes; then absolutely your bra is too big so you'll need to consider filling it if you wish.

You can tell if your bra is too big in the cup, if the tops of your boobs do not touch or pressed up against the bra cup ridge.

Not just here too, your boobs must fill the bra perfectly as to be comfortable.

If your bra is too small then there's overflow, well too big bra's tend to under fill your bra well forcing you to make use of breast enlargement pads or similar.

Spillage while leaning or raising arms

If your bra is too big then that would be noticeable as you lean or bend to pick up something, worse still if you're actively chasing after a child.

In a calm, pleasant situation the leaning over or bending is one thing, but as your chest bobs up and down as you run and lean, then it might only be then you can tell.

What that means is going back to the topic previously, your bra cup is simply too big so you boobs are too small.

Not always though if its a too big bra, you just need to return it for a cup one or two size down.

Its not a normal occurrence for you boobs to literally spill out of the cup, but it can with the wrong fit.

Here's how, rather than the boob spilling on the outside of the bra, the bra cups incave resulting in the nipples becoming visible.

Boobs that are too small will not spill as its made difficult due to the size...

So what happens is the bra will sort of fold, crease or form into an unnatural fit, forcing the bra under the boob, thus your boob are exposed.

Not a problem as you wear all types of tops that covers the bra, naturally; its just a problem as you wear low cleavage tops or blouses.

Bra band is too loose

One big tell to know if your bra is too big is in the part that should fit snug, yet comfortably all around your chest.

That is knowing if the bra band is fitting too loose, or is indeed a perfect fit.

If its the latter than your bra could still be too big, its just that the bra band happens to fit nicely, so you'll need to pick up on other hints.

When a bra band is too loose that can only mean the bra is too big.

It can still appear to fit beautifully but the proof is in the bra movement. Namely does the bra move on the body, rather than stay put as you go about your day.

How to know if your bra is too big here is the bra band that fits under the boobs to the connection with the bra grasp, leaving too much wiggle room between the band and skin.

Similarly to PJ's or a nighty, as they're made to fit loosely while sleeping, once you wake up in the morning they're twisted.

In bra's, if they're too big in the elasticated band this could lead to discomfort as the bra twists and turns under your shirt, as pajama's do.

Only possible chance of fixing the issue now is taking a look at the grasp setting.

Still loose band on grasp

One big thing to check is on the bra grasp, the part that connects the band in the back, to make sure it fits to the furthest away grasp, thus forcing the bra to its tightest setting.

Making sure you check the bra is on its tightest fit before you try other methods as outlined above is imperative before going through the checklist.

As obvious as it is, women can still forget to check the grasp, as they would naturally keep it on the setting they mostly use in other bra's.

Once you've doubled checked to see if the grasp is on the last setting, reaffix and checked again, you might also want to check the integrity of the bra.

What that means is making sure there's not an issue with the bra not measuring up.

So simply take the grasp to fix it on the first setting available, thus making the bra loose.

If the bra is indeed loose then that is perfect, that is the result you need. However, if there's little change in being too tight or loose, there could be a fault with the bra.

Connecting the grasp on the furthest away setting will make the bra too big, so in fixing the grasp to the first connection will little change, then sure its time to return the bra.

Hard to keep straps on shoulders

Final tell in a bra that is too big is in the shoulder straps. Bra straps fix over your should to help maintain the bra's shape well helping it stay up.

If the bra straps are too short then that can only mean the bra is to small itself, or is one of a poor quality.

However, if the bra strap is too long with no way to adjust the length, then this can only mean they bra is indeed to big.

Bra's are designed with bra cups, chest size and therefore an appropriate strap length to allow it to fit on all body shapes.

When the bra strap is made to short, it might not be that the bra is too big per-se, it just might be that the bra fit is not for you.

Bra's can have adjustable straps so make use of it if you can, if not then the problem will occur in lack of up lift in the bra in its entirety.

What that means is the bra will not stay in place around your chest as its suppose too.

Instead as the strap are too long, the result is the bra will slide down your chest, thus resulting in your boob spilling.


If you have trouble with the bra size overall, rather than just being an issue in regards to the bra cup size, then it could mean the bra is a size to big.

One thing you'll need to do is make sure the grasp, bra straps or other adjustable fixings are fixed to there tightest setting.

So after trying that and you still have trouble, you've just made sure the bra is too big, so therefore requires a return to where you bought it.

Big tell is in the bra cup, now that's not to say your boobs cannot fit in a bra cup on a bra that is large, as the bra cup can be correct with other areas being to large size.

So if your boobs are literally swimming in the cup then that's a bra cup size issue, not something that as anything to do with the bra size overall.

If the bra band, which happens to be elasticated around the waist is fit loosely under your bust - then for sure, the bra is too big.

Too big bra band will fall away from the body with to much wiggle room; resulting in the bra moving rather than staying put.

Finally, if the bra strap is too long, even still if its an adjustable strap, then the too long strap will result in the bra dropping down from your chest a little or to much.

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