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Published May 23rd 2019

How to wear a thong on your period

If you're a tampon wearer then its possible to wear a thong on your period every time, but wearers of sanitary pads should try a thong liner.

Published Aug 31st 2018

How to Avoid VPL

Fed up of VPL? No problem, we have you covered with this comprehensive top 10 ways how to avoid VPL, with a thong the best option.

Published Aug 20th 2017

10 Hot Pink Knickers

Girls favourite colour in underwear is pink, but with hot pink you are making a statement with this bold, bright colour, to be seen.

Published August 14 2017

50 Shades Of Grey Knickers

Fifty shades of grey knickers in all styles, made for use in the gym under yoga pants and sporty bottoms; stretchy, yet soft to touch and feel.

Published July 20th 2017

Does Selena Gomez wear thongs?

Well Selena Gomez is highly discreet when it comes to her underwear preference, more recently she has revealed wearing thongs.

Published July 18th 2017

Does Taylor Swift wear thongs?

Taylor Swift isn't one to reveal anything private in the underwear department, but you can imagine with the outfits she has to wear, she does.

Published March 21st 2014

Types Of Thongs

Well a thong or g-string can refer to the same thing, there is a difference between them both, well they can be called many other things.

Published March 11th 2014

Top 10 Reasons TO Wear a Thong

Interested in fashion or embarrassed about VPL, then a thong is a must for you. Benefits include no VPL, bunching up and comfortable.

Published April 11th 2012

Do thongs cause yeast infections

Thongs can contribute to yeast infections for sure, but it all comes down to personal hygiene that stops bacteria entering the vagina area.