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Published March 21st 2014

Types Of Thongs

Well a thong or g-string can refer to the same thing, there is a difference between them both, well they can be called many other things.

Published March 19th 2014

Boy Shorts: Popularity over time

Thongs reign supreme up to 2004, then boy shorts were the underwear of choice, due to comfort, full coverage and protecting your dignity.

Published March 19th 2014

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Wear a Thong

Well we're ones to urge you to consider thongs when the outfits require it, we've listed ten reasons not to wear a thong, including hygiene.

Published March 11th 2014

Top 10 Reasons TO Wear a Thong

Interested in fashion or embarrassed about VPL, then a thong is a must for you. Benefits include no VPL, bunching up and comfortable.

Published July 12th 2012

What is whale tail thong?

Whale tail happens when a girl bends over or sits and her thong is exposed, where the top of the thong is in the shape of a whale's tail.

Published April 11th 2012

How to keep underwear clean

Keeping your knickers clean is a must, so take precautions when going to the loo by wiping thoroughly and using wet wipes for hygiene.

Published April 11th 2012

Do thongs cause yeast infections

Thongs can contribute to yeast infections for sure, but it all comes down to personal hygiene that stops bacteria entering the vagina area.