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Top 10 Reasons TO Wear a Thong

If you're undecided whether to start wearing thongs regularly or just now and again, our top 10 reasons you should wear thongs will persuade you by the end.

Imagine the possibility of owning just a few pairs of thongs, it will be no more VPL, wedgies and bunching up and more importantly - no more peer pressure from friends.

One reason we haven't gone over is the wearing of thongs on your period, but with use of a tampon or thong panty liner, all these top 10 reasons still apply.

1. No more VLP

The whole point of wearing a thong - among other reasons - is getting rid of visible panty lines.

And with that in mind the the thong does the job beautifully.

The lines of your regular knickers no longer cross your buttocks but instead pass between your bum cheeks and stop any lines showing through.

2. No more wedgies or bunching up

Despite a few bad words from girls the thong can be far more comfortable than your regular old knicks.

The material that passes up your bum is suppose to be there with a thong - but the material from your big knickers is not.

So less material from the thong back is far more comfortable then a wad of cotton bunched up your bum from full back knickers.

3. They're comfortable, despite the scare stories

Thongs can get a bad rap mostly notably from girls that don't actually wear thongs themselves, or haven't given the right pair a chance - so instead choose to put down the thong instead of giving it another ago.

Thongs are made to feel and look as they do.

They are not what most girls are used to growing up but once you get used to the new style of underwear they can be a godsend and you'll be wondering why girls have to be so mean about thong.

4. Because they are fashionable

If you wear thongs you'll never again have to worry about what other girls think about your choice of underwear other than those girls may realise you can about the look of your trousers and skirts and don't like VLP ruining your outfit.

Most girls who have a keen eye for fashion will probably choose a cute pair of thongs to wear than big old grannies knickers - as the later just don't fit in with your choice of fashion.

5. You may need a thong in case of a fashion emergency

On the same subject as above, every once in a while a girl will require a thong some time in her life.

For example on an end of year dance or prom the last thing you need to highlight is a big VLP for the whole school to notice.

Again, a sport or group you're involved in may require fitted bottom and regular knickers won't just do.

But more importantly your every day clothes will soon change as your body grows so things start getting tighter on your body as you start to develop in to a young women.

This results in your bottom and hips widening so a thong will prevent people drawing there eyes onto your bum.

6. It's fun trying new underwear styles

All of us girls grow up wearing big granny panties without a care in the world but once we reach our pre-teens that all soon changes.

We like to try new styles - boy shorts, bikini, girl boxers - but most importantly the thong soon comes to mind. If you mum allows you to wear them they the choice of styles are endless.

Designs of thongs vary from plenty of material in the front, sides and back to tiny g-strings with a little material on the front, strings on the sides and a triangle around the back.

It's always fun to try new styles of underwear and once the thong becomes a regular feature in your drawer you'll discover it's just another style of knickers.

7. Boys think they are hot

Now this is a tough subject especially for parents but there's not taking away the fact guy love girls wearing thongs.

For younger girls it's important that a guy never knows about your underwear preference but for mature teens then a little hint that you wear them will probably make his head explode.

8. Keep your peers off your back

When you feel the need to wear thongs because your friends do this is know as 'peer pressure.

You probably notice girls in school wearing thongs in high school around ages 12 to 13 years old and the pressure will build so much you will end up wearing thongs yourself - just to fit in.

Though this is easier said than done because parents look at thongs as being a sexy underwear so will question the daughters need to start wearing thongs.

9. They're always fashionable

The wearing of thongs will never get unfashionable because clothing trends will always dictate the need for underwear that prevents VLP.

When thongs were at the most popular in 2003 low rise jeans were in so was the VLP - today trends among younger girls calls for tight fitted trousers, leggings and skirts.

10. Fit better during sports or work out

If you're a mater teen whole goes to the gym then you'll no more than most your fitted shorts or leggings won't work without the need to prevent the VLP - so the thong is the only choice.

And with all the squatting and running legging become a little see-through so a thong will stop your underwear with prints showing through.

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